Friday, 22 December 2017

Review: Pink Parcel Monthly Box to Cheer You Up!

Back in November my tween girls received a Bettybox each. This is a box aimed at young girls who have started their periods and need a little pick-me-up at 'that' time of month, as well as their practical sanitary protection needs too. You can read our review of it over on Mummy from the Heart but in short we all loved the concept and the girls felt really special. At 10 years old they are both still a little young to actually need the Bettybox as yet but I have promised them I will get them a box each to celebrate when the time comes. Not because we'll need the towels (because we have so many of those now) but because you get a fabulous range of goodies in every box, that are worth so much more than the £12.99 price tag.

I liked the Bettybox so much that I then ordered myself one and after finding a code online the box cost me just over a tenner and I was able to choose sanitary protection that suits my needs. As before, I loved this box and all the wonderful items that came with it but what was best, was the free voucher inside to get myself a Pink Parcel. The older sister of the Bettybox and a monthly subscription box designed for ladies like me, Pink Parcel is also £12.99 a month (or it will work out a bit cheaper if you sign up for 6 or 12 months).

Then as well as the freebie box, I also received one for me to try out and review, so now I have duplicates of everything and you know what? I can never have too much sanitary protection and I have twins, so my girls will be super pleased to receive some of the goodies as a little pressie each in the new year.

With the Pink Parcel you can personalise your box to choose the sanitary protection that suits you. The box can be just tampons, just towels or a mix of the two and the items are always big, well known brands like Always, Tampax and Lil-lets. I choose to have Lil-lets super heavy flow tampons and I received 21 of these, as well as 6 towels for night-time extra protection and 7 tiny knicker liners (that I'd never use in a million years as my flow is far too heavy). I think this is a good amount to receive each month.

As you can see you get a pretty cotton bag 'for now' and this had some tampons and your panty liners in it. Then a box 'for later' and this has loads more tampons in it and a 'for bedtime' box with bigger towels.

However, the really exciting bit is the 'for you' box and here is what I received in the December 2017 Pink Parcel 'for you' box -

I was very pleased with all the healthy and beauty treats that I received in my parcel. There are well known brand names and good size products. I received -
  • English Laundry Signature Purse Spray (£16)
  • Maggie Anne Nail Polish - in Metallic Silver or Gold (I got one of each! - £10.50 for 11ml)
  • POM Secret Santa Snowflake Earrings (£8.00)
  • The Beauty Crop 3 Amigos Eye Shadow Trio (£8.00)
  • So Susan Mesmer Eyes Liquid Eye-liner (£18.99)
  • Sanatio Naturalis Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil (£15.00 for 10ml)
  • Fudge Kitchen Orange Caramel Fudge Square
  • Whittards Earl Grey teabag (Just one!)
I make this just under £80 worth of goodies, so I think you can say that is a pretty awesome bundle for just £12.99 or in my case this month totally for free!

I worked out that the sanitary protection is about £3's worth, so that means I had effectively paid £9.99 for the £80 'for you' box of products and I think this is great value. Having looked at many reviews and past packages online it looks as if the quality of the items sent is always as good as the ones I received and as such I can imagine I'll be treating myself to these boxes again!

Disclosure: Thanks so much Pink Parcel for sending me out a box to review, I've really enjoyed it. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Review: Dobble Card Game - Fabulous Fun for All the Family

Back in 2013 we were sent the card game Dobble to review. I said yes to reviewing it as I thought it would be good to take on holiday with us and I was right. In fact over the last four years Dobble has been so many places with us, it is our game of choice when waiting in restaurants for our meal to arrive, we've played it on the plane going to Spain and it has been out with all number of friends who've been here to play.

Dobble is such a simple game, but not so simple it is boring. I really love it as it levels the playing field and the youngest kids can beat the adults in the family, which is such a good feeling for them. It takes just a couple of minutes to explain and in no time at all my 5 year old twins had picked up what they needed to do. The first time we played it was JJ (age 9) and my husband and I sat with one of the twins each but they really didn't need us once they knew what to do. So the next game it was straight on to the 5 of us playing together as frankly the girls could easily cope with it. Here we are playing out in the fresh air back in 2013 -

Dobble is 55 quality cards in a 10cm tin and on each card are 8 different symbols of differing sizes. There are 50 different symbols in total and every single card has one matching symbol.  All you have to do is be the first to spot and name out loud your matching symbol and it sounds so easy but there are sometimes I am sat there scratching my head - I just can't see for looking!

There are 5 different suggested games that you can play and we took a good 30 minutes the first time just playing the simplest game, which is pretty much like a glorified snap game. Over the last few years we've played the other games but truth be told we always go back to the original game and enjoy it immensely. I have even started to use Dobble in my coaching sessions were I go into a local school and met a young lad who needs a champion. He really loves it when he beats me!

Every one of us in the family commented that we love Dobble and the best thing is it is small enough to stay in my handbag and whenever we are in need of something to occupy us it is there and ready. Back in 2013 I awarded Dobble 9/10 and the only reason being is that I thought the cards could be a little thicker and thus more durable. However I am now willing to change that to a 10/10 as we have played the game a lot over the last 5 years and they are still as good as when they were sent to us!

You can play Dobble with 2-8 players and a game takes about 15 minutes.

Overall score: 10/10 

Dobble retails for £12.99 but I have spotted it on Amazon for £9.99 including postage.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Boom Blast Stix - What A Fun Game!

We've been playing a new game at our house and I can tell you one thing, it has been keeping us on the edge of our seats. The first time the stix ever went boom I screamed so loud my neighbour told me she heard me!

I love the fun and simplicity of Boom Blast Stix. My son described it as a modern take on Buckeroo and I suppose it is, a little! The game play is simple and as such any age can probably play, although the manufacturers recommend it for upwards of 6 years.

You receive the large tub. 32 springs and an instruction booklet and that's it. All you have to do is take turns to lock the spring and then add it to the pile. The red lid of the storage tub is used as the base to stack on and you can either use this alone so the game is closer to the table or floor and is slightly less explosive or you can use the red lid on top of the storage tub and then when the stix go boom they literally go everywhere. We were playing in our dining room and I had to get the kids to crawl round and collect up all the springs.

The springs are pretty easy to lock together and my kids had no problem doing it, I suspect it is this aspect that means there is a 6+ years recommendation on the game. It felt as if different springs had different tensions, so you could never know when they were going to pop open and explode the pile everywhere.

You have to have strong nerves with this game, as it is a waiting game of suspense. You can't be of a nervous disposition to play this game as it is startling when it goes boom! Watch this short clip to see Miss E building up the stix and waiting for the inevitable boom!

I'm really looking forward to taking this game into school in the coming weeks as I know the boy that I coach will love playing this with me. It only takes around 5 minutes to play and it is high intensity with lots of laughter resulting, so it will be just perfect as a session starter when he is having a low day.

You can buy Boom Blast Stix from Character Online for £14.99. It is a good sturdy tub and springs and I think it ill last a long time and provide a lot of fun.

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Disclosure: We received the Boom Blast Stix game free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Twelve Top Tips for Buying a Used Car

Image: Thanks to Sandown Motors

I think we've got to the point where we will definitely need to get a new family car. We have a seven seater Toyota and it has served us well but frankly our family has out-grown it and now we need something with more leg and boot room I'm not quite sure if we will go for another seven seater or just a much more spacious five seater. Whatever it is, I will ensure it has enough space that I don't have to constantly listen to my three children squabbling as they feel too camped together. Honestly, who'd have kids, I ask you?

As I've been looking for a new used car, I thought I could share some of my wisdom with you and here's twelve top tips for buying a second-hand car -

1.   Why buy new when you can nearly always pick a year old car up for around 25% less than list price (in fact the AA state it can be up to 40%)? And lets face it, it probably won't have done much more than about 10,000 miles in that first year. Of course luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz hold their value better as the cars are such high quality and specification but you only have to take a look on the Sandown Group Used Car site to see there are some bargains to be had.

2.   Buy from a reputable dealership, you might be able to find a car cheaper from Bobs garage down the road or via Auto Trader but how will you know that the car really is what it says it is? By buying from a good dealership you have the peace of mind to know you can head back there if anything is looking amiss.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Review: Oral-B Pro 2500 Electric Toothbrush

In June JJ (my near 14 year old toothbrush hating son) was sent the Oral-B PRO 2500 electric toothbrush to try out and review. He's been wanting one for quite some time but in honesty due to the cost I hadn't done anything about it as I'm quite happy with a traditional old style toothbrush.

However having done a bit of research I now see that I was in the wrong and ideally my whole family should be using an electric toothbrush. A number of studies were pulled together and reviewed by the British research publication, The Cochrane Library and they found there was an 11% reduction in plaque at one to three months of use, and a 21% reduction in plaque when assessed after three months of use. So these are strong findings for making the switch to an electric toothbrush.

In short JJ has been loving using his new electric toothbrush and I've been loving the fact that he is remembering to brush his teeth more and that each session is lasting longer and is therefore more through and will ensure better dental health for him long term.

Have a watch our our video review to see the Oral-B PRO 2500 in action and hear what JJ thinks of it.

Many thanks to Pure Smiles dental practise based in Fulham for sending this toothbrush through to JJ. Pure Smiles offer a variety of services such as teeth whitening, dermal fillers, smoking cessation programs and sleep therapy. Why not check them out if you are local to them and I'd certainly be reassured by all the excellent customer reviews they display on their website drawn from Facebook, and Google.

Disclosure: We received this toothbrush for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.