Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Global Kid's Fashion Week 2013

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Providing a finale to the fashion season, Global Kid’s Fashion Week was one of the hottest events of the style calendar this year. The first event of its kind combined catwalk shows offering the best of young fashion, with activities for kids and parents. Designer clothes for boys and girls were given a platform at the event, which was staged in London’s Covent Garden between 18th and 20th March. Big names from the world of adult fashion showed their kid’s collections, with pieces as covetable as the grown up versions. Labels like Paul Smith Junior, John Galliano Kids, Juicy Couture and Kids Tommy Hilfiger all featured, as well as up-and-coming designers.

Looking stylish is important to many of us and this extends to kids too. Children can use clothing to express themselves, so it’s important to involve children in choosing their clothing from a young age. We all love treating ourselves to designer labels and kids shouldn’t miss out on this either. GKFW showed what a great range of high-quality on-trend children’s attire is available, so parents have no excuse!

We’ve picked our fave highlights of the three day event, to share what we’ve learnt about the world of kids’ fashions:

Chloe’s neutrals work for kids too
A neutral colour palette looks smart and demure and has been a staple feature of Chloe’s adult collections for many seasons. GKFW was a chance for us to see how this could successfully extend to childrenswear too, as the design team behind the brand showcased a collection which echoed its womenswear. Beige short dungarees, cream long sleeved tees, peach coats and taupe tights all featured, with outfits given a lift with light-reflecting patent shoes. Most parents will associate childrenswear with bright primary colours, though Chloe demonstrated how refreshing and cute a neutral palette can be.

Kids clothing can be fun!
Children love dressing up as it allows for fun and creativity. John Paul Gaulthier’s collection Junior Gaulthier proved that these elements of dressing don’t have to be lost when it comes to everyday wear. The designer used a mix of texture and pattern in his collection, which included black leather jackets, frilly ballerina skirts, marble-print leggings and matching tartan separates. Gaulthier reminded us that kid’s clothing can be ultra-trendy, without losing that all-important sense of fun.

Traditional styles are making a comeback
In the world of adult fashion, even the most unlikely of looks eventually come back around, and this is true of kids’ clothing too. A number of designers included pieces in their collections which hinted at the traditional, giving even the oldest of looks a 2013 makeover. Oscar de la Renta featured cute black leiderhosen-style dungarees for boys and a pussy-bow collar coat for girls. A similar 1950’s bow-style fastening could be seen on a girl’s coat by Billie Blush, whilst I Pinco Pallino featured a ruched-sleeved collared jacket which looked almost Elizabethan in style.

Here is my very own supermodels, not quite sure the runway is ready for them yet!

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