Saturday, 11 May 2013

Review: Clothing Labels from The Name Label Company

We are moving house soon and with this move comes a new school for my three children.  So this summer instead of just renewing a few bits of school uniform that my kids have outgrown, I'll be buying three complete new sets of uniform and needing to relabel all those pieces.

It was perfect timing on the part of The Name Label Company to have contacted me about a review a couple of weeks ago. When they offered name labels I nearly snapped their hand off and asked for three packs of mixed school labels. There are various different types and packs of labels you can go for but I was keen to try the tagg-on labels for clothing.  My Mum had used these with my Nan's clothes whilst she was in a care home and had been raving to me abut how good they are.

School label pack 3 consists of 48 tagg-on and 48 stick-on labels and retails for £17.99. I was happy with this price and the customisation that you can choose for the labels. You can state colour, font type and image picture to go on the labels so there is no need for the labels in your child's clothes to look like every other child's. That of course is really important for pre-school kids who cannot yet read.

I was keen to try out the tagg-on labels straight away and I labelled up some of my girls clothes. They have been through the wash a couple of times now and not a sign of them becoming less fixed or of any fading on the writing or fraying of the label. The tagg-on labels are really simple to put on the clothes and that was my main desire for them, I wanted something very secure but which takes just moments and these are the answer to that. No needle and thread necessary and no fiddly ironing which has to be done at a specific heat!
When I first looked at the tagg-ons I did worry that they would poke and hurt my kids but I followed the very easy instructions (which are printed on the plastic pack itself so I can't lose them - I like that) and once you easily snap off the long part they are secure and smooth.

As well as the fabulous tagg-on labels we also received sticky labels and I added one of these to JJ's new lunchbox. This has been through the dishwasher every day for over a week and I'm happy to say that it is staying put, keeping its colour and still looking perfect.

I'd be really happy to use The Name Label Company again as I found their service super efficient. The labels came so quickly that I asked if I got special treatment and was told that all orders placed prior to 2pm on week days are shipped the same date and that UK postage is free of charge.  I like the fact that the price I see if the final one I pay, very up-front. My labels arrived in a weather proof package and looked very professional.

I will happily give my labels 10/10 - there is genuinely not anything I am unsatisfied with.

I was provided with these labels free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.

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