Monday, 15 July 2013

Review: Dobble Game

We were sent the card game Dobble to review and I had said yes to it as I thought it would be good to take on holiday with us - I was right. It is such a simple game, it takes just a couple of minuets to explain and in no time at all my 5 year old twins had picked up what they needed to do. The first time we played it was JJ (age 9) and dh and I sat with one of the twins each.  The next game it was straight onto to the 5 of us playing together as frankly the girls could easily cope with it. You can play Dobble with 2-8 players and a game takes about 15 minutes.

We had loads of fun. Dobble is 55 cards in a tin, on each card are 8 different symbols of differing sizes. There are 50 different symbols in total and every single card has one matching symbol.  All you have to do is be the first to spot and name your matching symbol - it sounds so easy but there was sometimes I was sat there scratching my head - I just could not see for looking! There are 5 different suggested games that you can play and we took a good 30 minutes just playing the simplest game, which is pretty much like a glorified snap game.

Every one of us in the family commented that we love Dobble and the best thing is it is small enough to stay in my handbag and whenever we are in need of something to occupy us it is there and ready. I have given Dobble 9/10 and the only reason being is that I think the cards could be a little thicker and thus more durable.

Overall score: 9/10 but it gets 10/10 for fun!

Dobble retails for £12.99 but I have spotted it on Amazon for £9.74 including postage.

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