Thursday, 10 July 2014

What is your cleaning IQ?

I am one of a small breed of people, I realised this some years ago when I was chatting to some mates and I told them how much I liked to clean and that I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing a room all tidy and sparkly clean. The four or five people I was with all looked at me like I was an alien and laughed, one saying 'yeah right'. Luckily I'm a confident sort so I did fess up that yes I really do like a good clean and I don't even mind the yucky jobs either. Maybe that is what comes from years of living in student houses and then staff accommodation, you got used to having to really clean up.

When I first had the twins I found it was hard to stay on top of everything so I set myself up a system where I cleaned one or two rooms a day and I know a lot of friends recommend the flylady system but nowadays I just do a bit most days and at least once a week gut one room by doing things like sorting drawers, moving the white goods in the kitchen or stripping beds. I love having the time to stay home and keep my house nice, for me it is one of the things that make it a home.

But what about you, how do you feel about cleaning, take this short quiz (it is just 7 questions) and see what your cleaning IQ is, do you need a little help or are you like me on top of it all?

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