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Dear Reader,

I like to be honest and transparent in my blogging. For that reason I am making clear here what any tags/disclaimers on my posts mean.

COMMISSIONED POST - If you notice one of my posts labelled as commissioned this means that I was paid to include either a link to a specific company/ logo/ videoclip or to write a post around certain content. I will only write about things that interest me and that meet my own integrity standards. 

COMMISSIONED GUEST POST - This is a post that has been written by someone else and has been submitted to me for inclusion on my blog for a specified payment. It will be on a subject that I would be happy to write about and for a company I am happy to endorse.

REVIEW - If a post says it is a review (and mostly it will say this in the title) it means that I may have received the product in question free of charge to use and review. I do not accept invitations to review products or services where companies or PR's dictate to me how I should write. I will always state in the post if I have received the item for free.

Let me assure you that each commissioned or review post will always state at the bottom of the post that it is a commissioned post/ review but that I remain honest. If something did not meet with my satisfaction then I will say so. I will always give a company the chance to rectify a problem prior to posting and I will always allow right of reply but I will be honest in a perfectly nice way.

ADVERTORIAL - This is an post which is a paid advert, this will not have been written by me.

I thank you for reading.  Mich x


Dear Companies/ PR's,

If you would like me to review a product, attend an event or host a commissioned post then please get in touch with me (Michelle) on and I'll respond as soon as I can.

I will always write fairly and honestly. I will only accept invitations to review items that are relevant to my family (43 year old Mum and Dad), living in East Sussex with a 13 year old boy and 9 year old twin girls). I am PR friendly and try to respond to all emails and like to remain friendly but professional. Please do not ask me to host content for free or to write about press releases where there is nothing in it for me. I'm happy to work hard and will always do a good job to promote your brand but it has to be worth my while, I have bills to pay in the same way that you do too.

My reviews and often commissioned content will generally appear on my specific review blog: Honest Mummy Reviews and Recommendations. Sometimes I will put them on this blog by arrangement in advance and occasionally they will appear on both blogs (but unique posts).

Here are a few links to commissioned posts that I have written:

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and review posts:

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and giveaways:

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I look forward to chatting with you.




...and if you want to know what a few of my clients that I have worked with have said:

Carolanne Bamford, Account Manager- Food and Drink – Hill and Knowlton

Michelle is a key mummy blogger for our team. Representing mums who have a busy life as well as taking the time to strike up conversations with her peers whilst recommending honest, to the point ideas and products - I know whatever questions or insights I ask of her, she’ll give me straight to the point advice which I can trust. Michelle has reviewed the family brands I work on with integrity and honesty and having her and her lovely three children attend our events is a real pleasure and extremely beneficial to our campaigns.

Louise Harris, Rock and Roll Baby World (Social Media marketing Agency)

Michelle has always been a pleasure to work with, she is reliable and keeps to deadlines and has a great writing style. I would recommend her for any blog writing posts.

Loretta, Owner of Blue Friesian personalised magazines

I approached Michelle to test out my company's products in the hope she would like what she saw and blog about it to her readers. From start to finish she was incredibly enthusiastic, professional and helpful - a joy to work with. Her passion comes across in her writing and it was clear from the beginning how engaged her readers are with her blog and that was part of the reason I targeted her. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a seasoned writer who understands her audience and knows how to really engage them.